I can’t give you my whole life story, but I’ll be glad to tell you bits and pieces of who I am and what brought me here. Healing through sound is an amazing subject to me. Sound has always been one of my greatest loves in life and by “sound” I mean music. We all like music, but I have always had a deeper love for it and it’s played such a big role in my life. When it comes to music I never bought into the machine. By that I mean I never liked mainstream music. It feels so phony to me, staged, rehearsed. It’s not true music, It’s created to make money. It’s like fast food, just trash to feed the masses with no heart or passion put into it. When I was a kid I collected music like I collected baseball cards. Music took my mind away through the good and bad times. I use to fall asleep with the head phones on when I laid in bed as a lost and isolated teenager. The sound, the vibe and rhythm resonated in my soul and allowed me to escape. I use to drive 2 hours away just to visit mom and pop record shops around the bay area searching through crates of tapes and CD’s of independent artist. Real music that was made on a tight budget and you can feel the hunger and truthfulness in the artist vocals. This was underground  and it was everything to me. I’m talking about my love and support for under the radar music because sound healing through singing bowls in a sense falls in the same realm. Using tones and harmonic vibrations to ease pain, relieve stress and make you feel vibrant from singing bowls is music for the soul and by all means is not a popular method yet.  I 100% believe in healing naturally. Prescription drugs are “drugs” with the word prescription in front of it. They have their place and uses at times, but it sure seems like these days people are wanting to become less reliant on a pill that can get you addicted, effect your mood or disturb your body in places other then the area you are trying to heal. Meditation and sound healing does not need a warning label of side effects and it’s a shame we’ve been programmed to think that this an unorthodox way of making our spirit and body feel true and aligned. Meditation is not man made, it comes from within, it comes from your heart your mind your spirit your soul. I want to share my effection for Mother Earth, my appreciation for how truly magnificent life is and how precious our time is here with you. Once our bodies are in tune by going about things naturally, how beautiful life truly is becomes extraordinarily visible.