I use the Singing bowls as a tool. To relax you, calm you, tune and charge your chakras and most importantly send you off to a wonderful meditation. So much goes on here that I tap into outside of the bowls. All in all this is energy work. I want to illuminate your energy emotionally and physically, change your outlook and perspective on life so you are able to look at it from a new sense of love and compassion. I’m here to find out what’s right with you, bring the best out of you for you to carry everyday and with that sense of knowing to not only contain it but to give it.

I came up with a method of chakra cleansing that involves Crystals, Singing Bowls and a visualization to move energy through and around your body. This in a sense is like a energy shower cleaning your body and soul, getting your chakras balanced and enlightened to thrive. Picture your body as if it were an instrument and the 7 chakras are keys to play tones. Each Bowl has specific tone it vibrates at when played so I simply match that note to an corresponding chakra. With a crystal laying on your energy center, this amplifies both your chakra and the vibration tone coming from the Singing Bowl. Our chakras are like a ball of light shining, the bowls are made of copper which is of course the most popular metal for wiring to carry electric current. So all these elements working together create a energy vortex for each individual chakra. At this point I walk you through a beautiful visualization to move and strengthen this vibrant energy being produced. This is a brief breakdown but go more in depth about the chakras for the clients who come in for sessions and how all this exactly works.

The foundation and roots of work I’m doing here is Meditation. I like to involve walk through Meditations in just about every session for you. This enhances the whole experience and in my eyes is truly the only way to raise your frequency. The mediation portion of the session comes after charging the chakras. After we meet and get to know each other to some extent, I take the time to do a meditation on you on my own time to prepare some info coming into the second session. It is here where I gather valuable knowledge and we really dive in to bring the best out of you in a loving and positive fashion. That’s part of the strength of meditations, it provides and lifts you to the highest vibration, fills your heart with so much affection and appreciation for our time here. So weather you are a beginner or advanced in meditations, the walk through meditation portion of these sessions will give you the insight moving forward on your journey.

What are sessions like? Generally each session lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. There is no time limit though and in most cases the session will not come to a stop just because the clock on the wall tell’s me to. I want to give you my all for the time you are with me for this healing experience, so intuition and feel will let us know how long it will go for. The client will be laying down either face up or face down on a high quality comfortable massage table. Bowls will be placed around or on your body. For the bowls placed on the body, they are filled with warm water. The water helps to transmit the positive energy of the vibrations of the bowls to the client. Some work with color and visualizations may be combined into your session to help move energy. Also Meditations may play a role in the experience. I personally have an extreme amount of love and respect for Meditation and is the main reason why I’m here now with the devotion to give you the same appreciation that I’ve grown to have. The combination of Meditation, visualizations and life coaching produce a pure body, mind and spirit connection that’s meaningful for natural healing. We will talk about what healing methods will be best for your session during a one on one consultation beforehand.

What type of clothing should be worn? Any comfortable clothing without buttons, zippers or jewelry. Cell phones off/Silent mode.

Is sound healing for everybody?   Yes absolutely this is for everybody. No matter your back ground, what you believe in or don’t believe in or what physical shape you are in, sound healing as no limitations towards anybody. Quite simply you can sit back and unwind for about an hour and let the beautiful harmonic tones of the bowls relax and refresh you.

What are the benefits? Among the many are relief from pain, stress-related conditions and the ability to alter ones consciousness. Many report out of body experiences, a deep sense of tranquility, sleep soundly and feel the effects of the treatment for several days. Healing naturally with the mind, body and soul is a great alternative rather than using prescription drugs.

Are multiple sessions needed?
Ultimately that is for you to decide and listening to what your heart tells you. You can come in once a week, once a month or once a year. As I get to know you I may make a recommendation to come in multiple times. For those looking to dial in their meditations then more than one visit will be needed. You can only do so much in one visit. But it truly takes multiple sessions to break a bad habit and get into new ones for a clearer space mentally and physically.