Introduction to Singing Bowls: Meditation – Energy Healing – Relaxation
Stress Relief – Mind & Spirit Connection

Getting into sound and using it as a tool to move energy was a natural step for Jesse Stark, founder of Singing Bowl Healing. These wonderful Singing Bowls came into his life at the right time and only now is he able to look back and reflect on how events in our lives always manage to line up perfectly for us whether it’s through the tough times or good times. His love and respect for Meditation truly is the effect of what brought him here. He has learned so much through Meditations, it has brought such a sense of piece, knowing and understanding. A peaceful mind brings a loving heart and a heart filled with an illuminating light is a giving soul. He has the highest admiration for Mother Earth and all the Healing qualities that it contains, it makes him extremely humbled to grasp the connection between us and the planet and how everything is just so right for us. He wants to share his affection for Mother Earth, his appreciation for how magnificent life is and how precious our time is here with you. Once our bodies are in tune by going about things naturally, how beautiful life truly is becomes extraordinarily visible.



Jesse uses crystals and the vibrations that resonate from Singing Bowls to relax you, calm you, tune and charge your Chakras and most importantly send you off to a wonderful walk thru Meditation. He wants to ignite your energy emotionally and physically, change your outlook and perspective on life so you are able to look at it from a new sense of love and admiration. He’s here to find out what’s right with you, bring the best out of you, for you to carry everyday.